Inerta®, reliable raw material adapted to the regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry

The Inerta® polypropylene film is highly inert and perfectly compliant with the European and North American pharmacopoeia*. It consists of three co-extruded layers which give good resistance to terminal autoclave sterilization and offer great flexibility.

The direct control of the technical data and of the extrusion processes enables Technoflex to produce made-to-measure formulations such as the exclusion of a specific component to guarantee a better drug stability.

Our polymer engineers will advise you in selecting the most suitable material for your applications: Inerta®, PP, PVC, EVA, PC, LDPE, HDPE, ABS, etc.

*(EP 3.1.3 & EP 3.1.6 / 21CFR 77.18.10 / USP class VI); FDA (DMF #19057); Canada (DMF #2007-070)