Quick Facts

Quick facts - 17.06.2021

Annual closure

Technoflex will be closed for summer holidays from August 2nd to 22nd included. If needed during that time, leave a message on the telephone answering...

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Quick facts - 03.09.2020

Flexmag, the latest issue

Flexmag #15 has been published. You can now discover it on line or download it by clicking here.  In this new issue: The AMA, the African super regula...

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Quick facts - 04.12.2019

An Innovation Award for Technoflex

At the 2019 Nouvelle Aquitaine Awards event, Technoflex stood out from the crowd once again. Since 2007, the Nouvelle Aquitaine economy awards have ho...

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Quick facts - 04.12.2019

A royal ceremony!

From November 16 to 19, Technoflex exhibited its latest innovations in packaging for biotechnology products at the Congress of the ISBT (International...

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Quick facts - 27.03.2019

Creating a desire for industry!

Industry Week was launched in 2011 and is run by the Ministry for the Economy. It is the key national event and its success just keeps on growing! In ...

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Quick facts - 07.02.2018

US hospital are going to produce their own generic medicines

The pharmaceutical market has been marked for many years by incessant stock outages and price rises for certain medicines. Several hospitals have join...

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Quick facts - 08.12.2017

Approval of innovative cancer drugs

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has submitted a new system to the Congress Committee to accelerate the approval of inno...

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Quick facts - 26.01.2017

Stem cells used to restore sight

Results from a recent study using stem cells to restore sight have just been published. The researchers used stem cells to grow new retinal tissue and...

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Quick facts - 19.12.2016

From PVC to FEP- the first Technoflex bags are 30 years old!

To commemorate the anniversary, Technoflex invited all its employees to the Bayonne Arena on September 10th for an exceptional celebration. Innovation...

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Quick facts - 10.05.2016

Technoflex wins an award!

Selected by a panel composed of entrepreneurs and experts, Technoflex has won the Plastics Processing Trophy in the “International Development&#...

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