Multi chamber bags

2-chamber bags – ReadyMix®

2-chamber bags – ReadyMix®

Technoflex offers a whole range of ReadyMix® dual chambers bags –  or customized – for different applications such as parenteral nutrition or drug reconstitution.

These 2-chamber bags (DEHP-free or polypropylene) have been designed to allow the separation of different solutions that require admixing just before administration to the patient. The chambers are separated by a divisible connector or peelable welds. In this last case, the solutions are mixed by simply squeezing one of the chambers manually.

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  • Inerta® film*
  • DMF n° 19057
  • USP class 6 and ISO 10993 compliance
  • No plasticisers (DEHP-free)
  • Excellent chemical inertness
  • Closed system
  • Terminal sterilisation 125°C
  • Good oxygen and water vapour barrier

* Other polypropylene films available on request


  • Parenteral nutrition
  • Drug reconstitution
  • Oncology
Made-to-measure Design

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Technical overview
Volume Tubes or boat port Connectors Code Dimensions Packing
500 x 500 ml 2 - - -
250 x 250 ml 2 - - -