Nadine Goyeneche, European Sales Manager

“I have a Marketing Techniques degree (DUT) and a Masters in Science and Techniques of International Trade. As I was finishing my studies, Technoflex appeared to me to be a company with strong potential on the international scene. I have been at Technoflex for 10 years and I am responsible for the “bags” sector for Europe.

There are three aspects to my work:

  • A prospecting part to find new customers by different means such as trade shows, the web site, our partners (laboratories, machine manufacturers, etc.) and direct prospecting by e-mail or phone.
  • A project management part as Sales Manager with the launch of a new development project for a new prospect, but also as Project Manager for the project approach for new development.
  • And finally, managing the existing customer base (demand for new products, updating price lists, changes on existing products) and ensuring that we meet all their expectations.

What I like about my work is that there is never a dull moment!

We have a very large number of contacts, from small independent pharmaceutical laboratories to major worldwide pharmaceutical groups. Each of them has its own projects and specific features. So we work on a case-by-case basis and we have to constantly adapt to new conditions. Because the requirements are becoming more and more demanding, we learn a great deal and make progress every day.

Travelling is also a source of discovery and exchanges. I must admit that getting away from the day to day context and meeting our contacts is very interesting. Human contact is very often necessary to get things moving. My job requires adaptation and organization skills, but listening, perseverance, diplomacy and firmness are also necessary.”