Frédéric Bonnet, Customer Project Development Manager

“I have a Higher Technical Degree (DEST) with a specialization in industrial mechanics from the CNAM, one of France’s top higher education establishments. I began my career in plastic injection for cosmetics and in surgical equipment. I had a marked preference for the health field so I decided to use my experience in a company highly focused on this sector.
I have now been with Technoflex for two years as Customer Project Development Manager.

My mission is as varied as it is interesting.

I head a team of 6 people working to design and create products for new applications for the bags and connectors, in line with our customers’ specifications. My role consists in managing projects, monitoring concrete development, negotiating resources and deadlines in connection with the project, motivating those who take part and communicating on the project. I particularly like this diversity of actions that go on to build a product which, tomorrow, will improve the lives of patients.

We are sometimes faced with difficult challenges. But these are often due to the habits you can easily get into, whereas this job is constantly changing. My current challenge? Finding a means of preventing faulty connections during intravenous injections in blood-based applications.

My work also involves listening attentively, which I think is essential. Because although everyone can hear, few people really listen.”