“As an actor in the executive job market, APEC supports and advises executives throughout their professional career, as well as young people just leaving higher education. APEC offers its services to companies for the optimisation of recruitment and management of in-house skills. An observatory for executive employment, APEC analyses and predicts the developments and major trends in the market, employment and different sectors. With the reformation of professional training, APEC is one of the 5 actors in France in Professional Development Advice Services.

In the framework of its partnership, Technoflex contributed to the success of the 1st APEC Journée Tremplin Jeunes (Young People’s Day) organised in Bidart on 9th June of this year. This day aims to help connect young people with enterprises and allow them to benefit from advice from professionals on entering the job market.”

Cécile CARVAILLO, Consultant in charge of enterprise relations in Aquitaine