Manon Morales, Legal Assistant Intern

“After finishing my first year of Business Law at Sorbonne University, I decided to spend a year enhancing my professional experience. I looked for an internship in which I could apply the theory I had learnt and which included taking on the role of legal expert within a company. This is why I entered the Technoflex finances department.

I worked on varied and interesting projects relating in particular to international law, establishing international contracts and securing a research tax credit in collaboration with the sales and research and development teams. Thanks to the teams’ availability and support I was able to acquire confidence and independence in my work.

Understanding, in a concrete way, how an enterprise works is very enriching, offering a clearer perspective of active life. By working for Technoflex I have gained an understanding of the industrial sector and, in particular, the field of pharmaceuticals where enterprises’ everyday activities are governed by legal and scientific regulations.”