Olivier Chabay, polypropylene line controller


Olivier Chabay, line controller

Julia Beauquis: You’re a line controller at Technoflex. Can you describe your career so far?

Olivier Chabay: I did a baccalaureate in Industrial Sciences and Technologies with an option in mechanical engineering, before taking a higher education diploma in Industrial Maintenance. I joined Technoflex as a temporary worker, then on a fixed-term contract. I have now been in the Technoflex production team for 13 years.

JB: Tell us about your various tasks.

OC: As a line controller I make sure the manufacture and packaging of bags run smoothly. My role is to monitor the machines and carry out maintenance on them with the technicians. I also have to control the quality and quantity of bags produced, and supply the production lines with film rolls.

JB: Is teamwork important?

OC: A “cleanroom”* is like a mini-world where everyone works together! I work with the team managers, operators, adjusters, technicians and warehousemen. Teamwork and team spirit are therefore very important. Information has to circulate easily and instructions have to be clear.

JB: Is it a job you would describe as routine?

OC: Not at all – and that’s what makes it so good! The scope of my job is broad enough for me to do things that are different. Also, there is always the risk of a line malfunction which requires a rapid intervention to be able to restart production. I love the technical aspect of my job. I’m putting all the theory I learned at school into practice.
JB: Technoflex has increased its polypropylene activity. Has this changed the way you work?

JB: Technoflex has increased its polypropylene activity. Has this changed the way you work?

OC: The switch from PVC to PP involved a period of adaptation. We had to review our working habits, particular in terms of dress. It’s completely different, since we are working in ISO 7 certified cleanrooms. In the PP area there is also a lot more sampling. Some of the samples are analyzed in our in-house laboratory and the rest goes to our clients, who do their own checks.

JB: In your view, what qualities do you need to do this job?

OC: You need to have a rigorous and methodical approach, and above all team spirit, as communication is really important. The expertise you gain with experience. But we sometimes put ourselves under pressure! You have to remember that the purpose of our products is to improve the safety of patients. They must therefore be of irreproachable quality.

* Controlled Atmosphere Area