PP bags

PP bags for drug reconstitution

PP bags for drug reconstitution

The proven and recognized chemical inertness of polypropylene Inerta® bags enables injectable solutions to be packaged in reliable, tried and tested containers.

PP bags for drug reconstitution are compliant with European and American pharmaceutical requirements. They meet client requirements in terms of the container-content interactions, as tested during the stability studies necessary for the marketing of molecules. They are suitable for the reconstitution of special pharmaceutical powders or freeze-dried products.

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  • Inerta® film*
  • USP class 6 and ISO 10993 compliance
  • DMF # 19057
  • No plasticisers (DEHP-free)
  • Excellent chemical inertness
  • Male Luer Lock compatible with needless syringes
  • Easy and secure to use thanks to twist-off system
  • Closed system
  • Terminal sterilisation 125°C
  • Good oxygen and water vapour barrier

* Other polypropylene film on request


Sodium Chloride or Glucose for the reconstitution of:

  • Penems
  • Beta lactams
  • Cancer medication
  • Anaesthetics
Made-to-measure Design

Technoflex R&D meet your specific needs

Technical overview
Volume Tubes or boat port Connectors Code Dimensions Packing
50 ml 2 Male Luer Lock RX 0050 2T 12.7 x 9.0 800
100 ml 2 Male Luer Lock RX 0100 2T 16.0 x 10.0 800
200 ml 2 Male Luer Lock RX 0200 2T 19.7 x 10.0 500
250 ml 2 Male Luer Lock RX 0250 2T 16.0 x 13.5 500
300 ml 2 Male Luer Lock IX 0300 2T 18.7 x 13.5 500