An integration success story

Flexmag03-Profils-01Véronique Négrini, Bag Area Operator, is hearing impaired. With Bernadette Arotcarena, Bag Department Manager, she looks back on her integration experience.

Nathalie Belot: How was Véronique trained and integrated into our staff?

Bernadette Arotcarena: We brought in an interpreter to facilitate our communication and her understanding of the instructions related to her position.
Véronique Négrini: I was paired with Bernadette for my training. She carefully explained the quality criteria for manufacturing bags to our customers’ standards.

NB: Did you encounter any difficulties?

BA: It definitely wasn’t easy at first. Technical data are part of our everyday work, and each new employee has to appropriate this information to be operational. For Véronique, this adaptation took a bit longer. We made up our own professional code of signs, to fit our needs. We understand each other perfectly, even if we don’t use the same sign language!

NB: Would you say that this integration was a success?

BA: Yes, absolutely. We met this challenge with flying colours. The objectives were met, and Véronique has been successfully integrated. For me personally, it was a rewarding experience which I would willingly repeat.
VN: I now feel totally at ease and fully integrated, both in my work duties and during breaks with my colleagues.