A new organization adapted to customer requirements

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Biomedicaments, more stringent regulatory standards and the rise of generics are causing some deep-seated changes in the world of pharmaceuticals. And these changes inevitably impact the entire production chain of healthcare products. In an effort to stay one step ahead of the needs of its international clientele, and to better meet its requirements, Technoflex has introduced some organizational changes.

A new Continuous Improvement department has been set up as part of Manufacturing. In addition to addressing the usual issues of performance and reactivity, this new department will also develop cross-functional solutions to permanently optimize processes.

The strategically important Supply Chain function has been reinforced. It now coordinates and centralizes the data and actions pertaining to orders, from procurement and production orders to shipments. Supply Chain works very closely with Customer Service in order to respond effectively to the fast-changing demands of Technoflex’s customers.

The deployment of these new resources illustrates Technoflex’s ambition to stay one step ahead of a changing market and to further improve the quality of service delivered to its customers.

Sylvie Ponlot