Fabien Pruvot, Project Development Manager

Flexmag04- Business-Fabien-PruvotSylvie Ponlot: Fabien, you were part of the team that designed and developed the boat port. What were your priorities?

Fabien Pruvot: We were guided by a number of priorities: reinforcing the fragile zones of bags with two tubes, facilitating the flow of all of the injectable solution, reducing risks of leakage and contamination at the weld between the bag and the tubes, etc. And they all served the same objective: improving the use of the bags and protecting the patient’s safety, Technoflex’s permanent priorities.

SP: Is it a long haul from the idea to industrial production?

FP: The first version was ready in 2009, but it required additional operations that we were not happy with. So we developed the product further. It took 3 more years to develop the definitive version that went into industrial production. We also decided to develop a long version for aseptic applications.

SP: Does the use of the boat port involve any major changes for customers?

FP: No, none at all! The diameter of the tubular section is identical to that of the usual tubes. This means that conventional connectors and the connectors in Technoflex’s range can be inserted. Our customers also appreciate the fact that the boat port is made of the same material as the tube. Consequently, the stability studies required to check compatibility with the medicament are simplified, as is the amendment of the authorization to market.

SP: Is it only available in one material?

FP: This is true of the standard range. But we have already worked on other formulations for the boat port. This has helped us to make faster progress on a project for one of our customers with special needs. A project that has already been completed! Obviously, we offer the standard ranges, but we can also adapt to our customers’ needs by proposing made-to-measure formulations. This is one of Technoflex’s strengths.

SP: Does the replacement of the tube with the boat port impact the filling process?

FP: The impact is strictly positive! Since the boat port is an injected part, its geometry is perfectly controlled, the edges are straight and the diameter is precise. These benefits mean that the bags can be filled and automatically closed very quickly (aseptic or otherwise). When filling manually, the collar on the tubular part allows the bag to be held comfortably by the operator when inserting the twist-off.