Design and innovation in boat ports

Flexmag04- Business-Port-Bateau

Patients are exposed to a number of potential risks when undergoing IV therapy, from under or overdoses, to gas embolism and infection. Installing a drip may be a common, everyday practice, but it remains crucially important due to the risks inherent in the therapeutic operation and its impact on the administration of active principles. The success of an IV drip depends on both the caregiver’s know-how and the equipment, which must be reliable and easy to use.

Technical incidents include the discovery of tears between the tubes of an injection bag when unpacking the equipment. Tearing usually occurs when the tube becomes stuck to the over packaging during sterilization. The boat ports developed by Technoflex are fitted with vanes inside the bag weld that prevent this type of problem by optimizing resistance to tearing.

And this coupling connector is just as supple as the tubes that are traditionally used. The elastic return allows the tubular part to be clamped, when necessary, without reducing the flow of the solution, once the clamp has been removed.
Finally, the internal reinforcers of the boat ports are fitted with side channels that allow all the solution to be administered, without any residual volume. This important benefit means that caregivers can be sure that the complete prescribed dose has been administered.

Sylvie Ponlot