ISPA, a school created by business people for business people

ispaFrance’s plastics processing industry is ranked 4th worldwide, after that of the US, Japan and Germany. It is a fast-changing business, which relies on constant technological and material innovations, notably in the medical field.

The ISPA group was created in 1985 to meet the essential needs of plastics processing firms, and bridge the lack of a university-level degree in plastics processing. It is run by the Fédération Française de Plasturgie and the Chamber of Commerce in Alençon, and its board of directors is composed of firm heads. This institute is the only one to provide cooperative training (with students working part-time in a company) that is fully centered on plastics processing, with degrees ranging from work-based, two-year courses (BTS) and BSs, to Masters’ in Engineering.
With 16 permanent and 30 temporary teachers with academic or industrial backgrounds, the 190 students in 2011 will benefit from the innovative means the group has secured, with analytical labs, processing rooms, etc.