Technoflex extends its range to make cryopreservation safer

P6-Sécuriser-la-CryoconservationOne of the main issues with the preservation of live tissues is the possible cracks appearing on the container when liquid nitrogen is released into ambient air. To respond to this major technical concern, Technoflex’s R&D department has developed an innovative EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate)-based bag, specifically designed for stem cell preservation, organ preservation liquids or blood-derived products.

Thanks to the mastery of the industrial process developed by Technoflex, the bag’s integrity is ensured when it is submitted to the high thermal amplitudes in thawing. It keeps the products at temperatures ranging from -10 to -196°C.

The specificity of this kind of bags lies in their EVA-based, High-Frequency welded tubing and connectors, which ensure the integrity of a perfectly sealed system once filling is complete (Container Closer Integrity System). This process, already used in Technoflex’s sterilized bags, replaces the glue generally used to attach connectors, which poorly resists temperature variations. It also prevents contamination risks, migration problems between container and content, and suppresses assembly costs for the filler.

Manufactured in an ISO 8 clean room, the EVA bag is subjected to numerous tests, in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices: assessing the endotoxin levels per kinetic colorimetry counting, tightness test…

The bags’ capacity ranges from 5 to 500 ml. They can be specifically adapted to meet our clients’ needs, and can be sterilized via beta or gamma radiation by request. Technoflex offers global, “all-in-one” sterilization for bags, tubes and connectors