Olivier Chesnoy appointed Technoflex’s CEO

This summer, Olivier Chesnoy became Technoflex’s chief executive officer. A physician by training with a degree from the French business school ESSEC, he brings Technoflex over 20 years of experience worldwide in health industries (pharmaceutical, biotechnological industries…). He especially developed and established subsidiaries in Asia, including China, for the Fournier group, for which he also directed the Spanish division. After heading a biotechnology company (specialized in the discovery and development of therapeutic molecules acting on the modulation of cell death), he was most recently based in Spain, where he managed the turnaround of Laboratories’ Urgo subsidiary.

A hiking enthusiast, he has also practiced sailing for years, ever since his studies on the Normandy coast when he was a skipper in a cruising school. “In fact, I prefer activities in places where there is no phone coverage…” he jests, even if he now lacks time to engage in them! More seriously, he underlines the similarities between his different trainings: medicine, sailing and management require the same qualities – a quick diagnosis, the ability to define a precise course, the training of a highly capable staff to adapt more quickly. Plus, as on a boat, as he likes to remind, the most important thing is to stand united!