Tailor-made Inerta®

francois_capitaineIn the early 2000s, Technoflex realized that its clients lacked a reliable product that would comply with pharmaceutical regulatory requirements. This realization led to the creation and launch of the Inerta® range in 2004.

Although similar products are available on the market today, none offer as many safety advantages: chemical inertia – a claimed and proven feature -, well-known raw material, guaranteed supply…

“We create bespoke formulations when specific properties are needed, especially mechanical properties such as flexibility or heat resistance, or chemical ones, such as the exclusion of a specific component if the drug is no longer stable in its presence,” explains François Capitaine, head of R&D.

The direct control on the technical data and extrusion processes of raw materials makes it possible for Technoflex to react quickly to the technical, regulatory and commercial information requests from its clients.

“It should also be noted that Inerta®-based IV bags and medical devices manufactured by Technoflex are already registered and commercialized worldwide for many applications and molecules, giving us significant feedback,” François Capitaine concludes.

These medical devices are injected according to need and subject to EC labeling.