Interview with Dirk Beckschewe – Project Manager at Plümat

Focus_Dirk_Beckschewe_Pluemat2Sylvie Ponlot: The Plümat 2 is a crucial acquisition for Technoflex’s development. What is your feedback from Plümat?

Dirk Beckschewe: We began this project confidently because you are experienced people and this is not the first program we’ve worked on with Technoflex! From examining the specifications, to signing the contract and up to delivery last December took one year. Right from the outset, regular meetings were held at Technoflex. They enabled us to better understand your requirements, compare ideas and determine what was possible and what was not. The machine’s design was a very important step. In fact, when you visited our workshops in Germany to see how the work was progressing and validate the design, there were no surprises. Many departments were involved in this project, designers, assemblers, electronics engineers, programmers, etc.

SP: You highlighted the challenges related to its design. Can you tell us more?

DB: This machine has the same features as the first Plümat delivered in 2006. But although the method of manufacturing the bag remains unchanged, many options have been added which give greater flexibility in the choice of the process. These different modules such as the automatic assembly of the twist-offs, ultrasonic welding and the CCIT welding, had never been integrated on the same tool before, this was our main challenge. It is also the key point of this new line because it meets a very specific offer from the pharmaceutical industry. It is ideal for the aseptic market!
We also changed the machine’s control screens and above all the machine’s software application. This application is now much more efficient and much faster, offers more functions and greater flexibility. Adapting it, creating it and testing it on the new system was another challenge.


Logo PLÜMAT - HKS 44K - 80s - SloganPlümat, leader in technology for processing pharmaceutical solutions in flexible plastic packages made of polyolefins is a family company created in 1975 in Espelkamp (Germany) with an activity on the international scene.