PP IV bags production capacity tripled


Here we come! Today, Technoflex is accelerating the growth of its activity by significantly increasing its capacities both in terms of industrial equipment and in terms of ISO 7 clean rooms. Three new machines have been undergoing validation since November 2011. This new equipment which is produced in partnership with the main German manufacturers allows Technoflex both to increase its production capacities of PP IV bags, and to offer the market new products.

The first new product introduced, the bags manufactured on the Plümat 2, will be adapted to the needs of filler-customers who require a container suitable for aseptic filling. This machine automatically integrates the fitting of a twist-off, then welds it onto a tube to seal the assembly perfectly. The filling tube is closed by an ultrasonic weld. This solution enables Technoflex to offer a closed container which is radiation-sterilizable, and adapted to aseptic filling. The critical operations are carried out under laminar air flows to limit the initial bioburden of the products.

This machine also introduces the new Technoflex “boat port”. Like the tube-design bags, the boat port bags will be available with one or two ports, and the aseptic finish will also be available for this new connector.

This major investment will bring the PP IV bags production capacity to 35 million for 2012, compared to 15 million in 2011. It is planned to triple this last figure to 45 million units in 2013 after a production ramp-up of all the machines.


Since 1999 Technoflex has been the precursor in the development of polypropylene bags. The experience gained on this more technical material has allowed the company to standardize and optimize the production of its bags on its Inerta® range of films.