TTS 101, one transfer set, two applications

Flexmag-Business-TTS-101In 2007, two factors coming directly from the users of perfusion products led Technoflex to develop a new generation of needle-free transfer sets to render drug reconstitution safe, the TTS 101:

  • An FDA (US) publication concerning injuries caused to clinical staff by syringe needles.
  • An alert by the National Health Service (UK) showing that 62 % of accidents are linked to errors by staff concerning the drug to be reconstituted, or errors of choice or dosage during reconstitution.

Because the flask is directly connected to the bag by the transfer set, it is easy to check the product added and the reconstituted dose. This procedure guarantees better traceability which represents a significant advantage for the quality of the patient’s therapeutical follow-up.

The TTS 101 is now also used as a connector when taking samples from polymer flasks containing dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), an intracellular cryoprotectant helping to conserve frozen transplantable human tissues. This new application requested by a biomedical company led to a specific modification of the set by Technoflex’s R&D team to eliminate the flask-syringe-needle combination. When combined with a single-use syringe with luer lock the flask is emptied in total safety and the product can therefore be transferred into the cryopreservation bags